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When he's stressed he likes to insult species.

Part two. (The last two or three sentences won’t fit, so I’ll just break it down.) We saw Rebel and she laughed. Then I found my boyfriend and we are hot wings and worked on accounting. #davidtennant #billypiper #rebelwilson #weirddream

"Perhaps I'll leave this place. I've far horizons to explore. The world is wider than my feeble vision, and echoes can not see. I feel a calling to depart from the commonplace and usual. My perception has been dulled by repetition. And so I'll leave, take up my hopes, and travel far, to that waiting destination until existence again bores me. Then I'll leave once more."
Courtney. 19. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. James Moriarty, Chandler Bing and Louis Tomlinson are my spirit animals. Sarcasm & bad Jokes. Mermaids are real.

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